Friday, April 16, 2010

Still Learning I'm always learning something new.

However, recently, I have seriously been thinking about something. I want to learn to sew. My mom has a sewing machine I can use any time I want to. Of course, if I really learn to sew, I'd want my own sewing machine! ;)

Anyways, I have been checking into classes. I have only found one place in my town that does classes. They offer a 4 week class for $115. That's not bad for a class. But, I'm afraid I wouldn't learn in 4 weeks and I'd need to take the class again! lol

Anyways, I'm still looking into it. I'd love to learn. I will one day. However, I've seen some REALLY cute things that I'd love to sew for Chasity to wear! :)

Until next time........

5 Comments from my friends:

The Robinsons said...

Sewing is fun when you like what you are doing. I enjoyed it when I learned. How long is each class? Four weeks might be long enough depending how small the class and how long. Once you know the basics, you really just need to pratice. I still have my first dress I made:)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I think $115 for four classes sounds expensive-- does it cover materials?

Kudos to you for finding a new hobby and taking the steps to pursue it. That's called mojo, girl!


Basement Bags Girl said...

Sewing is a great hobby, of course I'd advise you to go for it! I haven't forgotten your Giveaway prize...this turned into a crazy week, but it will go out Monday at the latest. Thanks for being patient. Good luck with the classes!

Aunti said...

Thanks for your comment on blog frog about sewing. I don't know if my link will show here but I am on blogspot and have a public blog. My user name is sylviasvideosfyi I am following you. So glad to see you in school. My son will get his PHD this fall and my daughter is a grad student. I am proud! I will email you my link but not sure if it will show up. Maybe you can figure it out with this information. My lessons are easy and quick and the projects are fun. I do not know how to include a link.

PamBo said...

Honey, if you can't learn to sew in four weeks, then you'll never learn. It ain't that hard!
If you have the extra $115, go for'll never know until you try. And sewing machines these days are sooo (haha) much easier to use.
Borrow one from your mom first before buying one just to see if you're gonna like it.
Stop whining and DO IT!
Life is too short to whine about it....