Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ENT Visit

So yesterday at the ENT, we got really good news! There's no hole in Chasity's right ear. The TUBE is still in there! The pediatrician just couldn't see if for all of the wax and infection that were (are) in there.

We go back in two weeks. The ENT is going to talk to us about taking the tubes out. They have been in for 3 years already. We thought they were going to come out naturally. NOPE! Why does Chasity have to do everything the hard way? (She MIGHT get it from her mother!)

But for now.... we're rejoicing in the fact that Chasity doesn't have a hole in her ear drum and that it has not ruptured. She just still has a tube in there draining all the infection off of her ear! Praise the Lord!

Until next time.......

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Leslie said...

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