Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

WOW! I can't believe everything that we did this weekend.

Saturday, Chasity and I slept in. Tony had to work; Chasity and I didn't even hear the alarm clock. Then, Saturday afternoon, we went to the park. My mom's family--all of her siblings that are still with us (two sisters have passed already)--met at the park! We were celebrating my 91 year old grandma! We were there for about 3 hours. Then we came home, cleaned up, and chilled out for the rest of the night.

Sunday morning, when I got out of the shower, Tony and Chasity surprised me with pink roses. Chasity also made me a little mouse of clay and painted it. (I'll try to put up pics of this stuff.) And I had TWO cards! I was so excited just to be a mom!

At church, my Secret Sister (who will be revealed at Christmas) gave me a bag of goodies... mostly scrapbooking stuff! :) Then the church gave out prizes for the oldest mom--it was a lady from our church who doesn't get to come often! I'm so glad she was there yesterday! She's 82!

Then, they did a prize for the mom with the most kids/grandkids there. Luckily, the "surprise" for my mom was pulling into the parking lot so they got counted! I asked my brother and his family to come.....and they did!!! So...there were 7 of them! Then, Tony, Me, and Chasity.....that was 10! My sis and her hubs were running late because they had to take their doggie back to the vet. (That's a post of its own!)

Sunday afternoon, Tony, Chasity, and I drove to Pilot Mountain. We had to go put flowers on his mother's grave. It was 8 years ago yesterday that Patsy passed. Wow! It's amazing to think that it's been that long already! On the way up, we stopped in Winston-Salem for lunch. We went to one of the best Mexican restaurants....El Torero! I miss living close enough to eat there! :)

Sunday evening when we got back to town, we went grocery shopping. We came home, put the cold stuff up, and went to see my parents. My mom said she wanted to go get Ice Cream!! So....we did!

After that, we came home, and got ready for bed!

Now, it's Monday! I have lots of Girl Scout paperwork to do today! The final Awards Ceremony for the district is tonight! Tony is going with me. One evening this week, I need to pick up the treadmill that I am buying from a friend!

This is going to be a good....busy.....week!

Until next time........

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Amaria said...

There should have been one more thing (if I hadn't forgotten to draw it on time!) You are the winner of my scrapbooking Giveaway! Congratulations!