Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Papaw Paul

Earlier this year, my dad's dad--Papaw Paul--had to have surgery. They removed a tumor that covered 1/3 of his bladder. Just a couple weeks ago, he had to go back in for more surgery. This time, the tumor was there again but, it wasn't as bad.

On Friday, he had to go in for a FULL DAY of tests. It was an ALL DAY CT Scan. They had to pump him full of fluids and then drain them. It sounded waaaaaayyy too complicated for me! He got through that wonderfully.

Today, he had to go back for the follow-up to get results.

My parents are his "power of attorney". So, any time they talk to Papaw at the doctor's office, Papaw has them call my mom to tell her. Dad drives a truck--home nightly--but you don't want to tell someone what the doc said while they are driving an 18-wheeler down the interstate! Right?

Anyways, I just picked mom up to take her home from work. On the way, the doctor's office called. I heard mom asking questions. Then I figured out it was about Papaw.

On July 13th, mom and Papaw have to go to the doctor's office to talk to the doctor. Then on July 29th, they are going to remove his bladder and his prostate. It seems that the cancer has gone to his prostate, and that they didn't get all of it out of his bladder.

We just lost my Grandmother (Dad's mom) in March. I really don't think God would seriously take Papaw Paul away from us already! We have to pray that God's will is done. However, I, personally, hope that God's will is to just take away the cancer so that they don't have to operate on Papaw again!

Papaw is ok! He is just frustrated. He's ready to be finished with the doctor's appointments! That's his concern! lol

Doc told mom that he will be in the hospital for 5 days. After that, he will have to take it easy for a while! THAT will be the hardest part for him! He's used to going and doing whatever he wants to! :)

Anyways.... just pray for my family. This is going to hit my dad really hard!

Until next time........

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Lynne said...

Praying that God will touch your PawPaw and make him well and strong! God Bless!