Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saving Money

Tony and I have always WANTED to save money. However, when we got married, we didn't start right away. Then two years later, Chasity was born. Then it was almost IMPOSSIBLE! Now, we've been married for 9 years, and we have VERY LITTLE actually saved.

It seems like every time we get a little saved, something has to be fixed.... usually the car! lol It does need work now, but we're waiting.... but I don't think we can wait long.

We know that when I actually get a teaching job, we'll be able to save about 1/3 (maybe more) of my paycheck every month....since we've been living for almost 4 years on just Tony's check anyways.

However, I have decided that I want to start saving now! So.... here's my plan. It's really really hard....just kidding!

The only thing I need to know is this.....Does Wal-Mart still match prices? If not, my plan is doomed! If so, I'm good to go!

I have gone through all the sales papers for this week. I have circled things that we use ALL the time and things that we get on a regular basis. If Wal-Mart still matches prices, then on Sunday when I go to the store, I'll get the prices from the other stores at Wal-Mart. (I just have to take my sales papers with me!)

I am also going to go online and look in newspapers (etc) to see if I can find coupons for things that we need. It would be great to get coupons for the things on sale!

Hopefully I won't get lazy and my master plan will work! Tony thinks I'm crazy... but.... I might be! lol

Hope this works! If you have suggestions for where to find lots of coupons, let me know.

If you know if WalMart still matches prices....let me know!

Until next time........

3 Comments from my friends:

Anonymous said...

Well begun is half done. ............................................................

Lynne said...

My husband and I started really late with savings and like you, we've had pop-ups that have made it difficult. However, what I try to do is roll over any remaining funds left from the previous pay day into our savings account. So, basically I zero out the checkbook and start over with the salary deposit every two weeks. Then here is the hard part -- don't touch it, lol.

trooppetrie said...

walmart does still price match, just take your sales papers. Another great way to save is by shopping CVS and Walgreens weekly. I wish I had links to give you but there are wonderful coupon blogs out there that use to help me.