Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So today, I filled out the application for Chasity to go to another school district. However, this year, they have decided to change the application.

In the past two years, because I've applied to be released every year, their application never stated that Chasity would not be allowed to ride the bus. THIS YEAR, it says that the parents will provide transportation.

So, in my letter that I attached to the application stating WHY we need her to go to this other school, I included that not only do I need them to allow her to attend this school, I need them to allow her to ride the school bus TOO! :)

This other school district has to send the application for enrollment to the school board. So, I had to do the application today. They had to have it by Thursday so the school board members could read/review it before the meeting on Monday night! I am SERIOUSLY considering attending that meeting on Monday just to get my answer ASAP! lol

I'm NOT a patient person! So, I am considering it. I might check to see where they are meeting and see if it is open to the public. If it IS open to the public, I might just "accidentally on purpose" show up!

I'm just hoping they will agree! I will probably just need her to go there for THIS YEAR! After that, I should have a job and can pay for her to go some where else....not that I WANT to pay!

Anyways..... we'll see what happens!

Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

Phyllis said...

Still praying for everything to turn out positively for you guys. I know how frustrating it can be. Good luck with everything and just remember that God has a plan.

Lynne said...

Hi Leslie,

I hope it works out for you. I got so frustrated with our school system at times during my daughters education with them. I wish you the best!

joven said...

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Donna1264 said...

Curious to know why this year the school 'changed' the application form to eliminate the bus for children who may need it...perhaps you folks live to close to the school and there is a mile limit? I know some schools do that...students who live within a mile or three radius of the school do not get transportation to and from the school because it's too close. Who knows, and I certainly don't know your particular situation, however, I hope that you are able to get your daughter on the bus. Continued good luck in your endeavors.