Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chasity's School Situation

I have talked a lot recently about Chasity's school. However, from some of the comments that I have received, I'm not sure if I have been very clear. Normally when I write, I am very upset/happy and my emotional words do not come across clearly.

The reason for us wanting to transfer Chasity from her current school to another school has nothing to do with her current school itself. Yes, I've had my share of issues with things at her school these past two years, but in reality, I do like her school.

The reason we need to transfer her is so that we have transportation for her.

I am supposed to start my student teaching at a local high school in August. I'm supposed to go in on August 18th. The first few teacher workdays, she will stay at daycare with my mom. When school starts, she can't go in before 7:05am (unless we pay for before school care). I will probably have to be at school around 6:45am.

My husband can not put Chasity in his company van anymore. The company changed the policy this past year. So, he can't take her to school.

Then, after school, I will still be in class (high schools don't get out until 2:30pm) when she gets out of school at 2:15pm. If we are after 2:25pm picking her up, we have to pay for after school care.

I called today to get the prices for this coming school year. For the 2010/2011 school year, before and after school care (together) is $90/week. That's almost $400/month! I think that's a little much! Actually.... I think that's A LOT MUCH!

If we had an extra $400/month lying around, we could A) have a 2nd car OR B) Afford a house in the school district where we need Chasity. lol

I don't know of many people who have that hanging out in their walllets/bank accounts EVERY month! If you do and you love me, please sponsor my child for before/after school care!! (I'm only kidding! I seriously won't take your money!)

Anyways, the school we applied to get Chasity into would have been perfect. The school bus for that school picks up kids in front of the daycare (that my mom is the director of) before school and drops them off there every afternoon. So, Chasity could have ridden the bus and my mom could have been there to get her on/off the bus.

Now, we are at a point where we seriously don't know what to do. We have to have my car fixed (that's a post of its own)! So that is going to take most of our current savings.

We don't have $400/month hanging out to pay for before/after school care. (I've called around. All the daycares that drop off/pick up charge about the same $90 is the average price in this area!)

We are down to considering the fact that I just might not get to do my student teaching this semester. Does anyone else think that just stinks? I DO!

Anyways, many people have suggested charter schools or looking at other schools. The problem will remain the same. There will be no transportation for my baby to get to/from school.

Just keep this situation in your thoughts and prayers. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.....especially if it comes down to me not being able to do my student teaching.

Sorry this was so long....

Until next time........

4 Comments from my friends:

Sunny Day said...

I know the possibility of not doing your student teaching when planned is disheartening. But remember that God has plans for us all. If you can't do it next semester, there is a reason. Knowing that doesn't necessarily make it any easier, but sometimes we just have to accept what life hands us and make the best of it. I worked in the dean of education's office at a university so I am aware of all the things involved in getting to be a teacher.

Phyllis said...

Have you considered talking to other parents? Maybe you could find someone (that you trust) to provide care at a reduced price. Good luck and I'll keep praying.

Donna1264 said...

Ok, so charter school may not be an option because of transportation. You may not be able to student teach because you have to take Chasity to school. Have you considered homeschooling Chasity? Believe me, I know money is tight and not having a working or sometimes working vehicle can be a pain. Been there, done that.

Not sure what else I can suggest/offer...which I lived where you do. I'd transport Chasity for you myself.

Continued good luck and blessings on this situation. Am thinking of you.

trooppetrie said...

what about a neighboor or someone who is her class. it does not sound like you need someone for long periods of time