Saturday, August 14, 2010

As It Stands

I am writing this in the comfort of my desk chair from the confines of my OLD house!

That's right! I said OLD! We didn't get moved in this weekend!


I'm glad you asked!

On Tuesday, we completed all the painting we were doing. Mr. B said that he would definately get the carpets cleaned on Wednesday and we could move in on Friday.


Mr. B did not get the carpet cleaner over there until Thursday night. The water was turned off. The water went on and in our name on Friday!

Mr. B didn't get the A/C fixed in the master bedroom area! It' 100 degrees in that room!

So.... we called him until 9pm last night. We never got an answer about anything!

Now... Mr. B and family left at 4am to go on vacation. He won't be back for a week.

We may not get to move at all!

Until next time........

1 Comments from my friends:

Joann said...

That is inconsiderate and RUDE of him to go on vacation.... he knows you're waiting!!! I really hope this is not a pre-cursor of how things will be once you move in.... but I'd be leery!!