Monday, August 9, 2010

Date Set

So....the date is set!

We are MOVING!

If everything goes as planned (does it ever?), we are moving on Friday evening! Tony will be home from work around 3:30-4pm. We are going to have friends from church and possibly some family come and help us....hopefully!

Then, Saturday, we are hoping to have Chasity's party. However, I just found out last night that my brother, his wife, and their 5 kids, AND my sister all made other plans for Saturday! ARG!!!

So....we may have to postpone Chasity's party until after school starts so that people will stop planning stuff and show up! It's not like they didn't know! I've been telling them since late May/early June what DAY the party is!

Anyways.... the party will probably be a last minute decision..... unfortunately! However.... she WILL have one! I just don't know when! :)

Until next time........

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