Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally Time to Tell It All

Ok so this is going to be a really long post.... I'll try to label things to make it easier to follow.

Papaw's Surgery:

Right after my grandmother died, we found out that my dad's dad (Papaw) had cancer in his bladder. He had been so busy taking care of Grandmother that he only took care of "immediate" things for himself.

He had two surgeries to remove cancer, but they did not get it all either time. Then we learned that the cancer had spread to his prostate also. So on August 12th, Papaw had surgery to remove his bladder and his prostate. He now has a bag attached that acts as his bladder. He has been recovering very well! Praise the Lord! He spent a couple of weeks with my parents. Yesterday, he decided it was time to "move back home". :) So after the home nurse visited yesterday (they come 2-3 times a week still) my mom took him home. :) I'm gonna miss having his so close to us, but it's only about 10 minutes away now. :)


School is going really well! I absolutely love the school where I'm placed! All the teachers, staff, and administrators there are so nice, polite, and helpful! I even met a bloggy friend there! I had never met someone in real life that I had "met" through their blog! I am so excited! Today I taught each class for about of the period! Probably next week I will start teaching one of the classes. Once I pick up one class, it won't be much for me to pick up the other two. All three classes are the same this semester! I only have to do ONE lesson plan! :) So I'll update about school as things happen!

My Dad:
As you know in October 2009 we almost lost my dad! Here we are almost a year later and he's still kicking! He's had an ear infection for a few months, but they finally got it knocked out of one ear. The other ear only had a MILD one last week! :) So... he's doing great! Praise the Lord!

Girl Scouts:
I am looking forward to Girl Scouts this year. The way it looks right now, I may only have Brownies! That's ok! I was going to have Juniors and Brownies, but I think my Junior that pre-registered for this year has decided to go to another troop where she has a friend or two already in the troop! I totally don't blame her. Plus, it might be easier if I only have one level this year. We'll see what happens with that too!

Last, but not least..... The House:

Ok... so here's the story. Tony and I found the house on July 22nd. The guy was having some MAJOR work done to it, but said that we would be in by August 1st. We knew that would NEVER happen, but we paid the deposit and the August rent anyways. August 1st came and we talked to the landlord and he said we would FOR SURE be able to move in on August 6th (or that weekend). So we started our painting and cleaning. We also started packing here! Well, that weekend came and went and we couldn't move in. We were promised the following weekend. Note...this is the THIRD change and the THIRD weekend in August now! However, the landlord had the water turned off on Thursday. I had the water turned ON on Friday (the day we were SUPPOSED to move in!). So, on August 12th, Thursday, the landlord had someone come to clean the carpets, but there was NO water! He said they would be done if the water was on on Friday morning. So at 10:30am on Friday the water was on. No one came to do the carpets.

The landlord left for the mountains that Saturday morning. His parents live across the street from the house I was going to rent. (The landlord only lived 2 houses down!) So he arranged for someone to do the carpets on Monday morning. They did! We moved in Chasity's room, the dining room (including my Grandma's china), and a lot of the kitchen on Tuesday night.

Wednesday and Thursday it poured rain, so we moved nothing.

Friday, Tony, Joe (my sis's hubby) and our Pastor (Joe's dad), moved 2 big pick-up truck loads over there. Saturday and Sunday, Tony had to work. So nothing was moved those two days.

That brings us to last Monday.

Mom, Lisa (my sis) and I took Chasity to her NEW school to meet her NEW teacher. We got her on a bus route. We talked about all kinds of stuff.

Then.... when Tony got home from work--around 8pm--we went to talk to the landlord. We thought we had a REASONABLE REQUEST.

Here was the request: Since the landlord had not made the house ready to live in for 3 weeks of August, would he please prorate the rent for September?

His reply: "Why don't I just give you your money back and you can find somewhere else to live?"

Tony said we would make a decision and let him know. So Tony got back in the car. I already knew the answer. I started calling everyone I knew with a pick-up truck to help us get what we already had in the house...out!

So on Tuesday night, we went and got everything out of the house! After the final load was at home, we went to return the keys and get our money back. Mr. Landlord had decided to go to the beach. He told us he would leave the money with Mrs. Landlord.

He did not!

So.... we tried to track him down for a WEEK! Finally we showed up yesterday and he was there!

He and Tony went inside and when Tony came out, I could tell he was ticked off!

Mr. Landlord had only given back $500 of the $1280 he was supposed to give us!

He said that he couldn't refund the August rent because we had "had the house tied up all month and he couldn't have rented it". He had to keep $100 of the deposit to "repaint the pink room". (He said we could paint it. He bought the paint!)

Anyways.... I have considered throwing eggs contaminated with salmonella at his house, but I have convinced myself that he is NOT worth going to jail over!

So all in all, this has been a very interesting week.

We started moving.

We had to UNmove.

Chasity met a teacher at a new school.

I had to REenroll Chasity at her old school. She didn't meet her teacher until the first day of school.

Papaw is doing great!

Dad is doing well!

Tony and I are trying to dig out from this maze (wall) of boxes that we now have to UNpack to stay where we were to begin with.

Everything said and done..... God is still in Control.

As my daddy says..... God's Got A Plan!

Until next time........

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Donna1264 said...

Oh you poor people! All of that and you were so willing to do the painting...and he still treated you guys like that? I am so sorry your experience turned out the way it did. But bless your hearts you have seemed to take it all in stride and make the best of it in spite of everything that has happened. I'm sure Chasity learned a valuable lesson too. God Bless you all and I hope you find 'your' house!