Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving Update...and Randomness

On Tuesday, we moved Chasity's bedroom stuff into the new house. She has a few toys still here and her closet clothes. If the rain will stop, we will probably take that to the new house tonight! If it keeps raining, well, I guess everything else will go tomorrow! :)

We also took my China cabinet and my china. You know the kind! The China we do NOT use! lol All the dishes we normally use were there already anyways! :) We've been paper plating and plastic utensilling since last week! :) Everything made it in one piece! So I got that set up in the dining room. The dining room table went also! :)

So the dining room is basically set up!

Chasity just has a few more things for her room!

Tonight, we were supposed to move desks and such, but with the rain, I am thinking I'm not putting anything in an open trailer! We have flood warnings out until early afternoon! It's raining pretty steady today! (Wouldn't that be how it works!?)

Anyways.... that's the moving update!

As for student teaching....

I met my teacher on Tuesday! She's hilarious! I think we are going to have a good couple of months!

Yesterday, the entire district met at our Arena and Events center! All the teachers and everyone had to be there at 8am! There was a husband and wife team there to talk about PLCs. I THINK it means Professional Learning Communities, but I'm not sure! lol

Anyways, after that, I grabbed lunch, came home to change clothes really fast, and headed to the school. I was there for a couple of hours. Then came home to claim my birthday girl!

My CT told me that I didn't need to come today. However, we DO have Open House tonight, so I will be there for that!

Tomorrow, is a day of meetings I think. So..... I guess I get to go to those! :)

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and having a great semester!

Until next time........

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