Thursday, August 12, 2010

Student Teaching

As you know, I am going to be doing my student teaching this fall. I am going to be at a local high school working with a teacher who has been teaching for a while! I think that will be good for me! :)

Anyways, tonight, I am going to attend the mandatory Orientation! It's going to be the same thing I went through last semester, so this time I am not freaking out. :)

I got an email last night from my University Supervisor (US) he/she (there were only initials for a first name, so I don't know if he/she is male or female...yet!) is going to meet with us after the Orientation tonight. That means I should get a copy of my class schedule for the semester! I can hope it's not EVERY week, but if it is.... I will be there! :)

For the rest of today, I'm going to be running around getting stuff set up for the new house. I'm also going to be going to visit my Grandfather at the hospital (more on that later)!

Until next time........

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