Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hanging at the Hospital

So the doctors decided that today was not the day to send Daddy home.  I’m okay with that.  None of us thought he was ready, but he wanted to come home.  Unfortunately, he’s in so much pain that he can’t even be disappointed in staying another night.


The docs are saying that probably tomorrow he will get to go home.  That’s cool…..if he’s really ready and well enough to go.


For right now, I’m hanging at the hospital with Dad.  He’s sleeping because the pain medicine knocks him out.  He’s taking a good nap.  Mom has gone home to shower and do some things to get ready for Dad to be home tomorrow. 


I am “Dad-sitting”!!  I’m the official keeper of the dad!  Smile  Well, he CAN be alone, but he doesn’t really like it.  We don’t mind switching out so that he isn’t alone.  I think I’m the only one that has come up here and stayed every day!  I have stayed with him while mom has gone home and done whatever she needed to do! 


Oh well!  I guess I’ll be coming up here tomorrow and hanging out until Dad is ready to go home.  Then I’ll hang out at the house with him! 


I don’t mind “Dad-sitting”!  It’s not so bad!  I get homework done!  He gets a nap! Smile

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