Monday, January 17, 2011

The House that Built Me

I have heard this song probably 100 times.  However, I was thinking tonight about the fact that I didn’t get the first job for which I interviewed. 


I still haven’t heard back from the second interview either.  That job is supposed to start next week, but it might be different now that we got all the snow days last week.  It may have been pushed a week.  Either way, I still haven’t heard anything. 


However, I have been thinking about what I could have said differently at the first interview to get the job in the county in which I grew up, call home, and would love to work!  I even had a “mock interview” going in my head of what I would say to the Principal of my old high school if I were to get an interview there.


Here is how the “mock interview” in my head went.

Principal:  “Why do you want to work at (this school)?”

Me:  “Well, to be completely honest, I have never imagined working at any other school.  When I left the halls of (the school) in 1996, I stepped into the Freshman class at Appalachian State University as a Music Education major.  I had all intentions of coming back here to take over the best band in the county 4 years later.  Of course, time changes things and not everything goes as planned, but now that I am a licensed teacher, my dream of working at (high school) has been re-ignited!  When I was here before, I poured all my effort—my blood, sweat, and tears—into my work and especially into the band.  Considering I still bleed (school colors), I imagine doing the same as a teacher here!”


That’s when she ends the interview and tells me that she’s going to give me the job! 


However…. I’m guessing there will (would) be more questions!  Smile  I have daydreamed for so long about working at the school from which I graduated that it is hard to imagine working any where else.

Naturally, I know that my old school might be my “dream job”, but who gets their dream job straight out of school?  If I have to go through a couple others first, I will.  However, I know that one day I will be back “home” in the halls of my old high school!


So here is a song that was playing in the soundtrack of my mind during that “mock interview” in my head! Smile 


I hope it works!  (It’s Miranda Lambert---“The House that Built Me”!!

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