Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 minutes 0.11 miles

So I know that since I lost weight in 2009 I have gained all of it plus some back.

In January 2009, I decided to try Weight Watchers online. I loved it. I was doing my Points. I was losing weight. Then in October 2009, when dad had his wreck and subsequent emergency surgery, I re-learned how much easier it was just to grab something at a drive-thru than to go home, prepare something, and then get to the hospital.

After Dad got out of the hospital and was back to normal (whatever THAT is), I just didn't get myself back on the plan.

I don't use Dad going into the hospital as an excuse!!

I could have totally gotten myself back on the plan after he was back to normal and back to work.

So that is not an excuse. It just happens to be when I stopped trying..... but it is totally on me.

So now..... I have regained ALL of the 60 lbs that I lost in 2009 and a few more. I really do mean only a few.... like 32-ish. For it to have been over a year ago for me to lose the weight and then stop.....32 extra pounds over what I had lost is not that much. I usually gain much faster.

However.... when you look at it.... I've gained 92 lbs in a little more than a year. :( That's BAD! I know!

So..... last night I was complaining about needing to lose weight. And my hubby, love of my life that he is, who can not gain weight, said, "You have a treadmill, just get on it."

Coming from someone who has weighed 150 lbs since BEFORE I met him, I was NOT happy to hear that! It ticked me off!

So.... what did I do?

I said..."FINE! You want me to use the stupid treadmill, then cut your stupid hair!" He has been letting it grow and grow and it was turning into a bright red (natural color) poofy fluffy clown-looking head of hair. I have been asking him for WEEKS to cut it.

I said...."The day after you cut your hair, I will start walking on the treadmill."

So about 11:30pm last night, he FINALLY cut his hair.

So about 11:30am today I FINALLY used the treadmill!

Because of my knees, my current weight, and the fact that I am uber-out-of-shape, I walked for 5 minutes and a total of 0.11 miles.

So...if I can walk 5 minutes for the rest of the week. Then maybe Monday I will go to 6 or 7 minutes.

It might take me a while to work my way back up to the 1 hour (3.5 miles) I used to do at the gym, but I will get there!

Didn't Miley Cyrus say it's all about "The Climb"???

So today.... I walked 5 minutes and 0.11 miles. I'm proud of me!

2 Comments from my friends:

beccasfamilyof5 said...

Little steps lead to bigger things as you know. I am pleased FOR YOU that you have started out again. As someone who has battled with my weight all my life, I know how it is losing and putting on again. This year I am rather more determined than ever. Good luck and I hope you get to up the walking soon. x

Anonymous said...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -- Confucius