Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full Brain

So it's been 2 weeks today since I wrote anything.

Nothing much has been happening. But my brain is full from all kinds of stuff.

I have be working on homework. I have a project that requires that I do research with the students I'm teaching....except that I'm not teaching. So I'm having to be REALLY creative!!!! We'll just have to see how that plays out. :)

I only have about 3 weeks left in this class. I'm glad!

My Grandma (Mom's mom) was in the hospital a couple weeks ago. She went in for a UTI and severe dehydration. After 3 days of IVs and some rest, she was sent back to the Retirement Center.

Now that she is back there, my mom, her brother that lives here in town, his wife and their daughter have been taking turns going to feed Grandma. She isn't eating much. The doctors have taken her off of all her medicines. She has Alzheimer's and has had it for a while.

They said that her medicines were just making her tired and they want to try to keep her off of them to see if she will start eating any.

Unfortunately, they told Mom yesterday that if Grandma doesn't start showing some improvement in the next two weeks, they are going to call in Hospice. She's 92 years old. If she makes it to the end of July, she'll be 93.

Her prayer was always that God would allow her to live ONE DAY after my Grandfather. She's made it almost 16 years. If she knew what was going on, I think she would be happy with those 16 years.

In other news, Chasity had a follow-up at the ENT. Unfortunately, the news was not great. When we went to the office, she was in the middle of ear infection #2 in the same ear that they did surgery on at Christmas. Now she's at the end of it, but the ear still hurts.

The ENT said that there is a 10% tear in her right ear drum. He couldn't do the entire hearing test because of the ear infection, but he said that with the tear in there, she does have some conductive loss in hearing. He said it in front of Chasity so now she thinks she's going to go deaf. She's freaking out. :(

If the hole doesn't heal on its own, there is a surgery that they can do to fix it. However, she will have to stay out of water for AT LEAST 3 months!! Chasity wasn't thrilled with that idea either! She loves to swim and play in the water! So if that is the way we have to go, it will have to be after school starts..... probably at Christmas again! :(

Dad hasn't gone back to work yet. He goes back to the doctor in 2 weeks. Hopefully, they can get the pain stopped so that he will be able to get back to work soon. If not, they are going to be trying to do some other pain treatments. :( That is never what you want to hear. :( They are also going to scan to see if he has torn something open again! :( Let's hope the new pain patches work!

In the last week, I have had my car in the shop 3 times!

First we had the Harmonic Balancer replaced, the spark plugs changed, and the EGR valve replaced.

The mechanic reset the light and I drove it for 3 miles. The light came back on.

Then we took it back on Saturday. The mechanic cleaned out the system attached to the EGR valve. Then he replaced some kind of sensor for the EGR valve. Then he took out the new EGR valve, exchanged it, and replaced it again.

We drove for 5 miles and the light came back on! :(

So yesterday, I spent a couple hours at the dealership! Wish I could say I drove off with a new car, but I drove off with one that the Check Engine light is OFF on!

We have now driven it about 20 miles. The light hasn't come back on.

So today.... I am going to go take my car for a drive. I'm going to drive NORTH on I-85!!

Tomorrow I'm going to do the same thing!

Then hopefully, we can get the car inspected by the end of the week..... BEFORE the cops pull us over and give us a ticket for being expired!

I've been working a couple days a week. Last week I worked Thursday and Friday. This week, I'm set up for 1/2 day tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a job for Thursday and Friday.

As far as a "real job", I haven't gotten anything. The schools around will probably lay off about 1000 teachers/assistants/administrators this year! I'm still praying for a REAL teaching job! I'd love to get it over the summer so I can prepare myself! But....if I get it the first day of school..... I'll accept that too! :)

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