Monday, April 4, 2011

Week in Preview

This week, I really do have a lot that I MUST accomplish! Most of the things on my "To Do" List this week are no longer optional! They are now MUST DOs!!

Finish "Celebration Ceremony" flier for Girl Scouts (this is only 2 weeks late)
Watch 2 hours of videos for class
Read 100 pages for class
Go to allergy doctor at 2pm
Pin the pattern down for Chasity's Daddy-Daughter Dance dress and jacket
Finalize Girl Scout meeting agenda
Email Girl Scout meeting agenda to assistant leaders

Complete homework (by MIDNIGHT)
Work on Research Project for class
Baseball Practice for Chasity (5:30pm)
Try to get a substitute teaching job
Get with my mom to make adjustments to the pattern as we cut out the dress and jacket

Try to get a substitute teaching job
Meet with the "committee" for the Daddy-Daughter Dance
Finalize Dance music
Finalize Dance decorations
Finalize Dance food
Finalize Dance registration list
Sew the dress and jacket
Take Chasity to gymnastics (5:30pm)

Girl Scout meeting (6:30pm)
Finish what I can alone on the dress
Get all supplies needed for Girl Scout meeting
Try to get a substitute teaching job

Get with mom to finish the dress and jacket
Get Chasity some cute little brown sandals (since I'm pretty positive she outgrew the ones from last year)
Try to find a substitute teaching job
Try to get a head start on next week's homework (this is ALWAYS on the list, but NEVER happens)

Help with set up and decorations for the dance (9am)
Chasity's baseball game (1pm)
Get Chasity fed and showered
Get Tony and Dad to the dance location to set up the sound equipment
Help finish decorations and set up for the dance (4:30pm)
Get Chasity ready for the dance (5pm)
Get Tony and Chasity to the Daddy-Daughter Dance 2011 (6-9pm)


Well..... I have NOTHING in this list that is a "Can Do"! They are all now "Must Dos"!! I'm going to be a busy beaver this week!

Oh yeah! I have to find time to eat and sleep too! :) (We'll see how that works out!)

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