Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Decision is In

...and I didn't get the job.

The interview went well.

However, when it was over and I called Tony in the car on the way home, I said..."They didn't ask me a lot of questions. It's like they already had their mind made up before I walked in."

I guess they did!

I didn't get it. :(

I cried a little.

I'll probably cry again when Tony gets home.

The bad thing is that the principal said, "Your interview was great, but I had to go with someone more qualified."

I understood that when I was trying to do Lateral Entry in the position, but now that I have a teaching license..... I don't understand. :(

I need help understanding it.

But.... when she told me that, I said, "Thank you for letting me know." She thanked me for interviewing.

Then I hung up. I was aggravated! I was mad!

Now.... I don't know what I am!

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trooppetrie said...

I am new to your blog and wanted to say hi!