Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess Chasity!


This morning I woke up at 4:30am. I showered and got dressed. By 6:15am, Tony and Chasity were also ready. We made a couple of really quick stops and headed to Blowing Rock!

We stopped at McDonald's in Mooresville for breakfast!

Then we hit I-77 and climbed the mountain! :) We made it to Tweetsie around 9:30am! Around 10am, I had to buy a new memory card for my camera because I had finished filling up the one that I purchased in June! lol

We took pictures on the horses and carriages.

Then we rode "Tweetsie"!! The show on the train ride was AWESOME!

Chasity told the cowboy that was on our train car that today was her birthday. Then she asked to have her pic taken with him. :)

She told EVERYONE it was her birthday! The Can-Can dancers and Diamond Lil sang the birthday song to her. They said, "It's her birthday. Are you ready girls?" Then they sang, "This is your birthday song. It isn't very long! Hey!" Then we took her picture with the three of them!

Then she rode the rides they have. She was a little freaked out by the Ferris Wheel because it only has the seat. The ones at the fair here have like bowls that you sit in. So that freaked her out a little.

However.... I think that the highlight of HER day was finding out that she was big enough to ride the "Tweetsie Twister" without someone in the seat with her. (She was so excited that she rode it TWICE!!)

Hopefully, I can post pictures tomorrow!

Today, I am going to rest a little and spend the rest of the day with my Birthday Princess!!


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