Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interview Results

About two weeks ago, I interviewed for a teaching job. It is the only interview I have had all summer.

I have sent in resume' after resume' to probably 50 principals this summer. There have been openings, but I never got an interview for most of the jobs.

The job I interviewed for is about an hour drive to get there. However, in the mornings, I would be going away from the biggest part of traffic. In the afternoons, I would be doing the same thing. So the drive wouldn't be so bad! I wouldn't have that much traffic to deal with either direction!

So for the past two weeks, I every time the phone has rung, I have been on edge hoping to hear from them.

Today I heard from them.

"We have filled the position at (the school). We wish you the best in your job search. Thanks for you interest in teaching at (the school)."

However..... it was NOT a phone call. I received an email to tell me that I didn't get the job. :(

That just made it even WORSE!

So now.... I have no job and no prospects because everywhere I have sent my information to (like they say to do in the job postings), I am not getting interviews.


I decided to write about it now that I have dried the tears enough to see again!

A job is waiting for me..... just wish I knew where!

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trooppetrie said...

Can you call and ask why you are not being interviewed, what you could do to change how they see your application. So sorry you have not been able to find a job