Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping Up

The kids came to school on Monday!  It has been awesome getting to know my new students!  They are very different than the kids I had last year! 

My UNCC classes (2) started on Aug. 20th!  I'm totally trying to not fall behind!

My princess is at a new school.  She seems to be liking it.  She says she's only made ONE new friend.  I'm sure that's the hardest part about moving schools.  However, in 2 years, she will change schools again to go to middle school.  Then she will meet MANY new friends from several different schools.  Eventually, she might get to be in classes with her cousins who will be at the same middle and high school! :) 

We are getting a new house!  We are buying!  So we are trying to keep up with the packing!

However.... this weekend, we are trying to keep up with some REST!  We are FINALLY going on our "summer vacation"!  We are heading to Tweetsie Railroad to hang out with some cowboys and indians!  :)

Then Tuesday it's back to work!

So..... planning, studying, packing, and settling!  I'm just trying to KEEP UP!

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