Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting Back to Normal

Dad finally came home from the hospital on Saturday.  He still has some recovering to do, but he's at home and feeling much better.

Only a few more softball games until the season is over.  We play this weekend, and we have a game next weekend.  Then next Saturday afternoon the tournament starts.  So we could have as few as 3 games, but I guess we could have as many as 5 games left! :)  I guess we will see after Saturday!

I only have about 6-7 weeks until GRADUATION!  I graduate on December 15th!  I'm excited! 

We are supposed to close on the new house on November 12th!  I can't wait!  Tony has to decorate the outside for Christmas!  He said that if we got in before Thanksgiving that he would put lights outside for Christmas!  (He never thought we'd actually get in before Thanksgiving when he said it!  lol I'm so excited!)

I have an idea for a book I am wanting to write.  I just need to get the approval of my family members before I start it.  I don't think that they will say no, but I want to ask since it will tell their stories through my eyes!  (I'll share more as I start/finish!)

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