Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dentist---Moving---And Stuff

Let's start with STUFF:

1. I have two classes this semester.  One finishes on Saturday; the other finishes on Dec. 5th. 

2. Graduation is Dec. 15th, but I am thinking about not going. :(  I have so much other stuff I could actually do that day.... like sleep, work on the house, sleep, hang out with the munchkin, sleep.... you know.... stuff!

3. I have to decide soon about graduation because I have to go get my cap and gown (and hood) for the ceremony!


1. We are OFFICIALLY in the new house.  My brother and his oldest son came over on Saturday to help us move.  It was my nephew's 15th birthday, and he spent it helping us move! :)

2. I told you that I flooded the downstairs of the house.  Well, we are going to replace the flooring in the dining room, but the carpet in the living room turned out to be fine.

3. Sunday, I didn't make it to church because the elements on the hot water heater went out.  We had thought before that this was the case, but last week when we were working in the new house, the hot water came on.  Sunday morning, Tony went to get in the shower, and turned the water on.  You know how you let the water get warm before you get in..... it's a good thing!  He waited (with water running) for 20 minutes.  It never got hot!  A trip to Lowe's and several hours later.... HOT WATER!

4.  That's NOT the whole story though!  :)  When he was refilling the water heater (because it had to be drained in order to change the elements) he left the valve at the top open.  A few minutes later, we heard the smoke alarms going off.  (They are all wired goes off, they ALL go off!)  Tony ran upstairs to find that the hot water heater was spewing water from the top valve and it had gotten into the smoke detector.  Shorted it out.  Must get a new one!


1. Have I told you that I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE (get the idea?) HATE going to the dentist?

2.  Normally, I have to do the sedation dentistry because my mouth hurts.... just to look at it.  So them poking and cleaning doesn't feel great! :) 

3. Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist.  It started okay.  Then when she started to actually clean my teeth...YES CLEAN THEM....I started crying because of the pain.  They had to give me several shots to numb my mouth so they could clean my teeth.

4.  Now, I get to go visit a Periodontist because with me doing everything the dentist says, my gums aren't getting any less sensitive.  So..... they want to send me to him to see if he can fix me! :) 

Now.....  in other news.  The Panthers apparently won last night!  I'm extremely tired.'s almost time to get ready for work! :) 

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