Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Day I Flooded the NEW House

No, I’m not kidding!   I flooded the ENTIRE downstairs of the new house today!  However, I totally blame it on my husband!


When we looked at the house for the first time, we knew that the previous owner was leaving the washer and dryer.  Both look really new.  Our washer/dryer combo is only about a year old, so we thought that we would try out the ones in the new house to see which we liked better.  Then we would sell the other set.


So today, we went over to paint the Princess’s room.  She wanted “Satin Snow” with a “Fairytale Pink” stripe.  We agreed to those colors. 


I decided to throw Tony’s work pants that we had taken over into the washer.  It started like it was supposed to.  I went back up stairs.  My mom was there.  She was upstairs.  A while—like hour or so—later Mom and I walked downstairs to find about 2 inches of water covering the kitchen floor, seeping into the living room floor, and going into the dining room floor.  Unfortunately, the living room and dining room are CARPET!!


Tony spent a couple of hours with the preacher’s wet/dry ShopVac to get the water out.  We had to pull the carpet up….cut the padding out…..hang it up to dry.


What happened?  Well……  the last people who lived there must have unhooked the tube that goes into the drain.  Because…. well…. THAT is what flooded the house. 


We are hoping that everything will be dry, there will be no mildew, and we won’t have to replace those floors before we move.  New flooring MIGHT mean that there is no Christmas in the Jackson household. Sad smile 


BTW…. THIS is why I avoid things like laundry!!  Bad things always happen when I do housework!  LO L Smile

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