Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012: A Year in Review (Part 3)

If you want to catch up on this Year in Review, you can get Part 1 and Part 2.


August arrived!  Smile LOVE AUGUST!

August is Chasity’s birthday!  She is the best kid ever!  We have the simplest, but the best, parties for her.


This year, the theme was “Princess and the Frog.”  Unfortunately, I was so consumed with school and work (I started work the week before her birthday!) that I forgot to order the cake!


What does ANY good mom do when she forgets to order the birthday cake?  Well, duh, she calls her own mom in tears! 


Then her mom (my mom!) said, we can just make a cake!


What does any good daughter (me) do when her mom says that? 


She goes and gets a cute pan and lots of M&Ms and icing.  Then she shows up at her mom’s house to make the cake!


So remember this is the DAY BEFORE the party—Friday night!  Mom has worked all day. She’s kept Chasity so Tony and I could go shopping for bday presents.  She’s still taking care of Dad.  Oh yeah…. it’s 10pm!!!! 


So my mom (the best MOM in the world) says, I’ll bake it in the morning, just come help decorate it when I call.


What do you get when that happens?



An absolutely beautiful cake!!!

My mom did everything….except the M&Ms and candles!! 


She’s the MOM OF THE YEAR!!! 


(NOTE:  The sparkly candle looks great!  However….it gets ash on the cake.  I suggest using it OUTSIDE or on a doughnut or something!)


One of my best friends is a Creative Memories consultant.  She is FABULOUS with the crafty stuff.  (She’s also one of my co-leaders for Girl Scouts!)


Anyways, we had her make the invites and favor boxes for the party.  (The boxes have M&Ms in them!) 


These are the “Girl Boxes”.  The “Boy Boxes” have little frogs (to match the invites) on them! 


As I said, I started my new job in August.  I L-O-V-E LOVE it!  The kids are great.  The admin are great!  I love it! 

Want to see my room?



That’s the best view!  However, I don’t have all those desks any more.  I only have 15.  (My largest class right now is 8 kids!!)


I can’t believe I am only going to get August covered in this one.  September brought Tweetsie Railroad and swimming.  October, of course, brought Halloween, but it brought another stay in the hospital for Dad (that’s a LONG story!)!!  November was packed with Christmas Parades and Thanksgiving! December was Christmas and Gatlinburg! 

So…. I guess I really AM going to get through August in this one.  Otherwise, I don’t have a good place to stop! 


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