Friday, January 4, 2013

Blogging and Having Time

I'm really not a morning person!  I hate mornings.  I would much rather sleep until noon and get up and stay up all night!

However, for most of my life (almost ALL of it) I have had to get up early for everything I do.  I think they should have 3rd shift school.  I could teach at that.  Shoot!  I'd even send my kid to that!  (She's not a morning person either!)

I have been blogging every day this year (haha!  4 days!)!!!  I have done it in the mornings for most of those days.

Why is that I have time in the mornings to do things that I can't do in the evening?  It could be that I don't plan anything else in the mornings.... because I'm not a morning person. 

It could be that I'm in here on the computer anyways (email, work email, etc.). 

It could be that since I graduated in December, I haven't had to spend hours on the computer every night working on homework.  So, I have been letting my Princess play on my computer.  Some nights, I haven't even touched the computer.  (I know!  Writing that shocked me too!)

So maybe, if I blog in the mornings, I can also find time to work on that book I'm wanting to write.  I have an idea.  I have a chapter written.  Most of it is just going to be little short stories.  I'm not talking about 20 page long chapters.  (No Small Miracles: Their Miracles in My Words---- catchy title....right?)

Now, I should probably get ready to go to work.  It's Friday after all!  Tomorrow I can sleep past the sun coming up!  (That's my goal for ANY non-school day!!!!)

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