Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Attitude

Really, I think I might be in need of an "attitude adjustment".  Yesterday, I was in such a bad mood all day. 

I guess it started when I found out that I am going to have to work next Saturday (Jan. 26) to make up for the "Not So Snow Day".  It really was ridiculous in my opinion to have us stay home in order to watch the snow melt all day!  :( 

After that, I realized that I wasn't going to have time (or money) to get to my aunt's house.  I need to pick up my Grandma's (mom's mom) China Cabinet (hutch, thing).  My Grandma lived with my aunt and uncle until my aunt couldn't care for her any longer.  So we moved her up here to a Retirement Center.  My aunt passed, and my Grandma passed.  A few months ago, my uncle passed too.  Of course that leaves an empty house for the kids to take care of. 

They are planning to sell the house.  However, I need to get the hutch out of there before they move it all to consignment somewhere.  I am going to need a U-Haul type truck (smallest size of course) to get it home.  Unfortunately, I found that the cheapest rate is close to $200....for a ONE WAY TRIP! 

So after I made the decision (came to realization) that we weren't/couldn't go, I went back to bed! 

I had gotten up at 6am yesterday to get ready for work.  I had gotten the call at 6:30am to say NO SCHOOL.  Then by noon, I had decided I wouldn't be getting the family heirloom hutch.

So.....I was in a HORRIBLE mood yesterday! 

Today, I'm not as grumpy so far, but I have only been awake about an hour!  LOL  AND.... no one else is up (yet!) either!!  Hopefully I won't bite their heads off today! :) 

I really do need an "attitude adjustment" some days! :) 

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