Friday, January 25, 2013

Waiting to See What Happens

Today, we are expecting "ice". 

For those of you who have snow, let me explain. 

Ice can't be driven on.  It is slick and there is no way to get traction on it.

Snow can be driven on if you are careful and don't drive like you are in NASCAR!

Last Thursday night, we had snow.  Well... there was about an inch on the grass, but some of the roads were frozen over so school was cancelled!  :)  So, we had the "Not So Snow Day."

Today, the ice is supposed to start soon.  Some stations say 10am.  Some say noon.  There is even one (really random, out there station) that says 3pm!! 

The neighboring school district (and several others) have already announced they are getting out early--3 hour early dismissal.

My school district is waiting.  Not sure what they are waiting for, but they are waiting.

I think they are hoping that we can get the kids to school today and dismiss early.  I think they are figuring that if nothing happens, we can get in our whole day of school. 

However, I am wondering what will happen to tomorrow's "Snow Make Up Day" if we don't go to school all day today?

For now, I'm sitting here typing.  I'm getting ready to eat breakfast and head to work. 

I'm just waiting to see what happens.

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