Thursday, January 10, 2013

What are They Teaching Them?

When school lets out, my niece (who is a junior in high school) picks my daughter up and takes her to my mom at daycare!  I love it.  It gives my niece a little money every week, and it gets my daughter "home" safely! 

My niece goes to the same high school that I went to, my siblings (including her dad) went to, and MY dad (her Grand Dad) went to.  It's a great school.  We just moved into the district so that my daughter, too, will be attending the same high school in a few years.


(There's always a "however," right?)

However... the rival high school is just up the street (a few miles).

The daycare is in the district for the rival high school. :( 

So...yesterday, I went to pick up my daughter at daycare.  When I got there, a group of kids from the rival high school were standing in the middle of the intersection where I needed to turn.  (It was a side street, but STILL!)

They saw me and moved.  One of them is in my Girl Scout troop.  I'm going to have to talk to her about her choice of friends too! :) 

Anyways.... when I made my turn, the daycare driveway is on the left.  Well, lo and behold, in the middle of the street, blocking the driveway, were two students from the rival high school.  They were sitting there making out in the middle of the street.

Obviously they did NOT see me.  So....I pulled up as far as I could (without hitting them) and layed down on the horn.  (I think I may have given one of them a small heart attack!)

After giving me the "evil eye," they moved and I went into the daycare.

My first words to my mom?

"Mom, two reasons not to let your kids go to (rival high school).  #1.  It's (rival high school)!  #2.  They don't teach their kids to get out of the road!"

If they aren't teaching them basic things in the school (school system) up there, WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING THEM?

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