Monday, February 11, 2013

Brain Full

Some days I feel like I have nothing to say.  I feel like what I'm writing isn't really relevant to anything that is really happening.

Some days I feel like I can't write what is on my mind.  I'm afraid I will hurt people or make them mad.

Some days I just don't know how to say what I want to say.  (Ever had those days?)

Today, though, I have lots on the brain.  My brain is completely full.  However, the things on my brain are trivial, trite, random things.

For example, my parents are having an issue with the neighbor's dog. It's a really aggressive pit bull.  If it comes up and tries to attack either of my parents, they wouldn't be able to get away from it.  So, they have called Animal Control a few times already.  However, my dad is going to warn the neighbors that if the dog is in his yard again, he's going to shoot it.  He can't get away from it.  Mom can't run from it.  My parents have too many kids and grandkids (and their friends) coming in and out of their house.  Dad said he won't worry about it any more.  In his yard, he's going to shoot the dog.  (He's hoping the owners will tag and leash it, but we are thinking that the neighbors are stupid!)

Another thought, I need a new car.  However, I can't get a car right now.  I don't need a NEW one.... just a "new to me" one.  The car I am driving currently, 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo, was purchased on April 2, 2002.  I test-drove it on April 1, 2002.  At the beginning of the test drive, there were 4 miles on it.  At the end of the test drive, there were 25 miles on it.  We drove that car everywhere on the test drive.  (If I didn't like it, I was NOT going to get it!)  Now, my Silver Baby has 222,000 miles (approx.) on it.  She has been a great car.  But.....  the daytime running lights work, but the low beam headlights do not.  I can only run my lights on BRIGHT to be able to see.  (It's not really bright, but in that position!)  The dash is cracked on the left side (with a chunk out of it) because we have had 3 people (and Tony) try to fix this situation!  A couple hundred dollars later and nothing has worked. :(  Unfortunately, we just bought a house.  I just graduated and started paying student loans back.  We are still trying not to cause payments we can't pay. (Trying to be smart!)  So....  the car must wait.

Third thought...My week is jam-packed.  Tonight is the Service Unit meeting for Girl Scouts.  (I'm doing a "drop by".  I have to have time with the family this week!)  Tomorrow is pick up day for Girl Scout cookies. (Let's hope it doesn't rain!)  Wednesday, we are delivering our old washer and dryer to one of my sister's friends.  She lives in Charlotte, and she bought the washer/dryer from us.  (Our house came with a set.  So we really didn't need the 2nd ones!)  Thursday, my troop is coming to my house (my garage) to pick up cookies!  Friday, I have Praise and Worship practice at church. (We have been invited back to Crossover Kannapolis to sing.)  Friday is also my birthday!  (No one sang to ME at church yesterday.)  Saturday, we start Girl Scout cookie booths.  We have two that day.  Then we have some every Saturday (and some Fridays and Sundays) until the middle of March.  I am going to be EXHAUSTED by the end of this week.

However, I think if I take it little-by-little, one day at a time, I might make it! :)  

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