Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cookie Booths and Snow

Yesterday morning, before I could get awake good, it started snowing. 

On Friday, it was 60 degrees, so nothing STUCK!  We did out cookie booth at Lowe's Home Improvement and sold a fair amount of cookies.  It was cold, but the sun was out; so it wasn't unbearable.

Last night, we had a booth at 5pm at the OTHER Lowe's Home Improvement in town.  It started snowing as we were leaving the house.  It was snowing so hard (and directly into my windshield) that it was hard to see.  So we got there, about 10 minutes away, and there was already about 1/2" of snow on the ground.  It was freezing outside.  We stayed until the booth was over at 8pm.  My legs and hands were so cold that I slept with the electric blanket ON most of the night.

My feet and hands are still a little numb this morning.  Hopefully they will warm up today.  If not, I might have an issue. :) :( 

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