Monday, February 11, 2013

Creative Memories--Nannette Designs

A friend of mine owns a Creative Memories business.  (If you need anything, contact her here.)

Anyways, she is extremely creative and very talented.  She makes cards and die cuts for all occasions. 

Over the weekend, while I was scrapbooking with the Scrap Happy Divas, she said something about trying to get her name out there for people.  She said she has an Etsy shop.  She has Facebook.  (We are working on getting her a website.) :)  Then she said, "...but I've heard that I need a blog.  I don't know anything about blogs.  I'm not much of a writer." 

Of course to that *I* said, "I have a blog.  I try to write on it every day.  You design your stuff, and I will blog it for you."  She said, "Okay," but we never set anything definite. 

If I do it, I will have a different blog and email attached to it.  However, I will definitely tell you guys where it is so you can find it. :)  I will hopefully find a way to get her some followers who may want to purchase some of the stuff. :) 

If you have any suggestions:
ways to get followers for her
ways to copyright her products so that others don't take her ideas
ways to put the little copyright logo thing on pictures

It would all be great and greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help you are going to give.  I know you guys/gals will come through for her (and me!)!!!

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