Friday, February 8, 2013

Fractured Friday

You know, if I had enough people who would do it, I would start a "bloggy party" on Fridays.  It would be called "Fractured Fridays".  It would be where we would share all the randomness in our brains.  :)

For today, I am going to give you MY Fractured Friday.  (Maybe one day, I will have people to do it with me.  Any takers?)

1. My birthday is a week from today.  What does any good teacher do on her birthday?  Take the afternoon off and give a test! :) 

2. Softball sign ups are now.  The Princess isn't sure if she wants to play because her really awesome coach from last Spring isn't coming back! :(  One of his kids made a traveling team.  One is going to be on a team from a different church (and we would have to play them!)

3. My Girl Scouts planned out most of the rest of the year last night.  It's cool having older girls!  They can help plan things.

4.  Cookies come in on Tuesday!  I am excited! :)  I get to separate and disperse cookies this week. :)

5.  We donated the two huge shelving units from the garage.  They are gone!  The garage has much more space now.

6.  We have the washer and dryer sold!  Thought it would take longer.  One of my sister's friends just moved and needs it.  We are delivering and setting it up next Wednesday for her.

7. My brain is still in a fog from the information I got on Wednesday.  But... I can honestly say that I can write about it and talk about it (NOW!) without crying my eyes out! :)  I have great friends and a family that loves me! :)

8. We are taking The Princess to a new ENT today!  I think her hearing loss is getting worse. :(  Her current ENT won't fix her ear during the winter (like Christmas break).  He wants to do it at Spring Break.  That means she won't be able to swim or anything all summer. :(  I can't do that to my 9 year old who loves to go swimming. :(  :)    We are going to see what the new ENT says today.

9.  Next Tuesday, my school (where I work) is playing my school (where I graduated) in basketball.  The last time these two teams met, my school (graduated) stomped them.  The score was 90-55.  What high school team does that?  One that has been State Champs many times! :) 

10.  It's Friday!  I am so excited about Friday!  We have the YMCA Girl Scout event tonight.  Scrapbooking tomorrow.  Church on Sunday!  But...for today.... I'm enjoying Friday. 

Have a great day! :) 

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