Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Love My Dad!!

I am sure that many of my posts here have shown the love I have for my family!  I love them all...sister, brother, Mom, Dad, the Princess, and the hubby (most days)!! :) 

However, I am a Daddy's Girl!  I have always been.  I will always be.  When something goes wrong, I call Dad.  When I need advice, I call Dad.  When I want to eat tacos, I call Dad.

Since July, we have had to try to find meals that Dad can eat that are low in sodium.  Do you know how incredibly hard it is to find GOOD tasting meals like that? 

Anyways, I knew that Dad loved tacos.  So I found a recipe for taco seasoning that has 10 mg Sodium per serving.  We cook 2 lbs of ground turkey and put ONE recipe of seasoning in it.  I guess that means it's even less sodium....right. :)

So every now and then we get all the stuff and have tacos with Mom and Dad.  That was last night. 

Dad doesn't like hard taco shells, which is good because of all the sodium in them.  He likes flour tortilla shells.  Awesome! :)  We make the tacos, and Dad eats them. :) 

Now, he gets a shell, a little meat, lots of lettuce, lots of tomato, and onion.  He also gets a LITTLE cheese.  He doesn't do sour cream.  So his taco is actually more like salad on tortilla shell with ground turkey in it. :) 

Now, we just have to get all the stuff (and find a new low sodium sauce mix) for pizza.  He has only had pizza 2x since July.  Once, we made it--low sodium.  Once my brother and his family brought it to the house--regular.  Our low sodium pizza was so big, he had to eat it in a bowl so that the goodies wouldn't fall off the plate.  :)  We called it "Mountain o' Pizza!"!!  (Will get pics if we do this again!)

I just hate that they can't figure out how to "fix" him so that he can do stuff again.  Just have to keep praying that God will work His plan, and I won't try to fix it my way. :) 

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