Saturday, March 16, 2013

Aggravated Beyond Belief

Today, I was supposed to get up and go scrapbooking for 12 hours.  I had been planning to go for 3 weeks.  The 12 hour event is to raise money for "Relay for Life".  All the divas are going to be there.

All the divas....except me.

This morning, I am so mad, frustrated, aggravated that I can't even explain it.

Several years ago, my Grandma Edwards gave up housekeeping.  Her oldest daughter took her in and took care of her.  When that aunt passed, then Grandma went to live with her next oldest daughter.  That aunt lived at the beach.  That aunt passed, but her husband was still alive, so he still had all the stuff in the house (obviously!).  In the fall 2012, my uncle passed.  (I think I posted something here because I sang at the funeral that day!) 

Anyways, since November, their kids have been working to get the house ready to sell.  They had an estate sale.  They marked the china cabinet as "Not For Sale".  The china cabinet is the reason for my aggravation this morning.

When Grandma gave up housekeeping, she gave something to each of her kids and grandkids (who wanted something).  She offered me the last full set of beautiful china that Grandpa had bought her.  I took it!  There was no way that was leaving the family!

Grandpa bought her a beautiful china cabinet to go with it.  It went with her when she moved.  When my aunt and uncle passed, my mom told her nephews and nieces that she wanted the cabinet.  (She wants it for me!) 

I have been trying to get time SINCE THANKSGIVING to get down there. 

They live about 4 hours away.  I'm going to have to rent a UHaul type truck.  It's just....  difficult to plan.

We moved into the new house the weekend of Black Friday.  Then it was Christmas.  Then it was Girl Scout Cookie season.  I just asked in February (before Cookie Booths started) when I needed to get it by.  NO ONE responded.  I had ONE weekend in February that I could have just jumped in the car and gone down there.

But.... no response.

So yesterday morning, my mom texts me, while I'm at work.  She said, "I need to know by 9:00am if you can go tomorrow (meaning today now) to get the china cabinet.  The consignment shop is coming to get everything at 9:00am."

After tears and anger, because I am supposed to be scrapbooking RIGHT NOW, I unplanned my month's worth of planning. 

Tony and I are going to Supply, NC today.  We are going to get this china cabinet.  I am going to very petty about the rest of it.  :)  I am going to defriend everyone of them on Facebook.  If they can't tell someone (who lives 4 hours away and is going to have to rent a truck) more than 24 hours ahead of time that they need to get something.....  I have no use for them.

I don't deal with stupidity well.  So after today, I won't have to.  I'm so tired of stupid people.  So I will be more than happy to get them out of my least virtually!  I have nothing to say to them.  I have had about 24 hours now to STEW about this.  Then after softball practice today, when we leave, around 1pm to go down there.... I will have a few more hours to STEW before I get there.  I have no intentions of speaking to them while I am there.  I have every intention of letting Tony deal with them (he doesn't think it's that big of a deal and thinks I should just let them keep the cabinet!).  I will pretend to sleep in the truck while they load the cabinet. 

And then we will leave to drive all the way back home.....

8 hours in a vehicle in one day.... not going anywhere special. 


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Lynne said...

Funerals bring out the best and worst in people. I hope it is still there when you arrive. Now that would be aggrivating! Safe journey to you!