Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Dress Shopping----SUCCESS!!

I really don't have any idea what I am going to write about today.  There are many days I arrive at this screen and can just write my randomness and go.  Today is not one of those days.  I guess I have a bit too much randomness swirling around.

Yesterday, mom, Chasity, and I spent 3 hours trying to find her an Easter dress.  She is 9.  This is the FIRST YEAR EVER that her Easter dress has been brand-new.  Normally, I only get NEW Christmas dresses.  Then I get her Easter dresses at consignment stores or consignment sales.  Unfortunately, she has outgrown both of those places for the most part. :(  (Can I shrink her back??)

So, to Belk, JCPenney and Sears we go!  At Belk, we tried on about 50 dresses.  At JCPenney it was about 30.  Then at Sears, it was about 20.  Even with my "limited math skills"....yep....100 dresses.  I think there might have been a few more, but at least 100!!!

There was a beautiful dress at Belk.  We called it the "Easter Egg Dress".  It was our favorite.  Until we texted a pic of it to Tony and he wasn't thrilled.  She just couldn't get a dress that her daddy didn't like.  So we kept shopping.  (The trip would have been over in less than an hour if he had liked it!)

At JCPenney, there were two dresses.  The black and white polka dot dress, but it wasn't very Easter-y.  Then the black dress with orange and hot pink flowers, but for Easter? 

So we had three contenders, but she still couldn't bring herself to get the "Easter Egg Dress" until her daddy loved it.  (That was NOT going to happen.)  So.... to Sears.

We found a dress!

Funny thing?  We tried on this dress at Belk.  However, they did not have the correct size.  So.... we got it at Sears.  (For less money too!)  LOVE IT!  The dress is by Ashley Ann.  It is gingham eyelet.  It is sooooo very cute. However, this pic is yellow.  We got a pink-ish color.  I will have to post pics after she wears it to show the cuteness. 

On the positive side....  Sears has a great sale on dresses right now!  (If they still have it when I get paid this Thursday, we might go get a couple more dresses for this Spring and Summer!)  Dresses are 50% off!  So the other two dresses that we got were less than $20 each!  She can choose one of them to wear to the Daddy-Daughter Luau for Girl Scouts in a couple of weeks. :)  They are here and here

How grown up do those look?  OMG!  :( *sad face*  My Princess is growing up on me!!! 

Well.... when I sat down, I had no idea what I was going to write.  Now, I have written forever! :)  (I love days like this!)

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