Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Free Therapy

There are days when I feel I have nothing of interest (to anyone other than myself) to write. 

There are day when I feel I have something interesting to write, but I don't know if others will care or want want to read it.

There are days when I have interesting things to write AND I know that others will love it.

Today, I'm not sure if anyone will care about what I write, but it's for me anyways!

Writing is FREE THERAPY!  It is!  If I am aggravated, I write.  If I am sad, I write.  If I am worried, I write. If I am happy, I write!  I write! I write! I write!

So all this stuff with the family that I stressed over this weekend, I wrote it out.  After writing it, and reading it, it really seems trivial.  I'm still a little hurt by all of it.  But, I wrote it.  I'm okay with it! :) 

Writing is free therapy!  I write things out to figure them out.  I love it!  It is easier than tracking down a shrink! :) 

BTW...  I have been working on the book.  I have a few of the first drafts of chapters written.  I do have the first draft of the FINAL CHAPTER written.  It came to me really easily one day last week.  I know how the book ends, I just have to get the rest of it there! :)  (Eventually, I have to tell the family about the book.  I have been afraid.  But, they are always supportive of me, so I don't know why I would be worried. :)  Just a habit.)  See?  Free Therapy! :) 

1 Comments from my friends:

Hen Jen said...

good for you for working on a book! Yes, I think writing is therapy for some of us...and those who write have to write, sometimes a book just has to be born!

good luck with it!