Friday, March 22, 2013

Great News!

So....  the best news of all right now.... IT'S FRIDAY! I get to sleep in a little tomorrow.  Of course, we have softball practice at 11am, but I can still sleep until 9am and get there on time. 

Next...  CSI:Crime Scene Investigation has been renewed for a 14th season! I'm almost giddy over this!  I love LOVE L.O.V.E (love!) CSI!  I'm actually a CSI:New York fan, but I think they may have cancelled it.  I'm hoping they will come back with it, but I haven't heard anything.

Tomorrow, we are going CAR SHOPPING, again!  We need a new car.  Or at least a newly used one.  I don't want someone else's troubles, but if I can get a used car from a reliable place (dealership, for example) I might be interested. :)  I really want an SUV.  Tony wants a truck.  We'll just have to see what we can get!  I just have to get something soon....without $500/month payments.

But...the best news of the day is that it Is FRIDAY!  Have a great Friday! 

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