Friday, March 15, 2013

Heavy Heart

Before I tell why my heart is heavy, let me get some good news out!

1.  Chasity sold over 1000 boxes of cookies!  WOW!  That's a new record for her.  We are excited.  It means she will get a Kindle Fire.  (I think she is going to take my Kindle full time for now and we will share the Kindle Fire!) :) 

2. Today is Friday!  That means that tomorrow is Saturday!  I get to scrapbook tomorrow for 12 hours! :)  LOVE IT!  Can't wait to see my triplets! :) 

3. Our first softball practice is tonight!  We are going to get to meet team and see how things are looking.

Now, for my heavy heart.

On Wednesday, I got a message from my mom that my Uncle Bud (my Papaw Paul's brother-in-law) was in the hospital in critical condition.  It wasn't very long until I got a message that said, "I hate to tell you this over text, but Papaw just called and Uncle Bud passed."  :( 

So, tonight, I will be getting in a car with my parents and my grandfather to ride about an hour away.  We are going to the viewing/visitation tonight.  I haven't seen them in some time, so I will get to see many family members who don't live near me. :) 

Just pray for my family as we go through this. 

Just remember that yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow isn't promised.  Today is a gift--that's why it's called the "present"! 

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