Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Cookies

Cookie season is going well. 

We have had at least two booths (sometimes 3-4) every weekend. 

Last night, we sold about 100 boxes at WalMart.

Today we have a booth we set up as a troop.  I'm really hoping it will go well.  I'm a little nervous.  The place is normally PACKED the first couple of weekends a month.  However, I think that the threat of "snow" will possibly hold some people back. 

Why is it that every weekend during cookie booths there is a threat of "snow"?  Why "snow"?  Because in NC we don't get the large amounts of every where else.  We get little bits of MESS that causes traffic issues for DAYS after a 1/2" falls! :)  Of course, after it "snows" here, it's 60 degrees the following day so it goes away!  RARELY do we get anything REAL in NC. 

Bring on the "snow"!  I'm ready for it! :) 

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