Sunday, March 3, 2013

Even More Cookies

Are you tired of reading about Girl Scout cookies yet?  I'm tired of talking about them.  However, they have consumed my world.  Maybe...just maybe...after next weekend, I will get my world back!

It won't be long after that, though, that softball starts! :)  Then we will be crazy with that! :)

However, people say some really weird things when they buy cookies from you.  Like on Friday night, we had a guy come up and ask a really strange question, but I had been told people would ask it.

Man: "Are these cookies made with genuine Girl Scouts?"
Me: "Yep.  This year they ground them up a little better than in the past though."
Man: "Good!  Last year they got stuck in my teeth!"

Gross right?

However, I was prepared and it shocked him.  He thought he was funny! :)  The girls thought it was DISGUSTING!  lol

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