Friday, March 1, 2013

Parking in Neutral

Have you ever put your car in neutral and let it coast?    We've all done it.  Roll it down the hill, push it into the gas station (when you run out), or whatever!

So on Wednesday, I picked up the Princess after work and we came home.  I pulled into the driveway.  All this is normal so far...right?

I changed gears on the car. 

I started getting my phone off the charger.  Packed up stuff in my purse to bring it in the house.  Got my house key out.

Looked up and realized we were rolling.

Right about the time I hit the brakes, my car bumped into the garage door. 

Luckily at 2 MPH it doesn't do a lot of damage.  It just makes you feel SO STUPID! 

Instead of putting the car in park, I slid it into neutral.  Good thing I was further back in the driveway than I usually am.  We would have hit the door much sooner, and I would not have been hitting the brakes.

The garage door still opens.  There is a little dent on it.  Tony got some of it out.  I guess if we ever do that expansion so that we can really fit a car in there, I'm going to need a new door.  (Not that I wouldn't have gotten one anyways!)  Right now, I have a Chevy Monte Carlo (working on changing that!) but the garage is so tiny that if I pull in I can't open both doors.  It's also so short that the nose of my car almost has to touch the wall in order to shut the door.  We just park in the driveway.  (Of course, we aren't still using the garage for storage of stuff that we don't know what to do with.  So I could put my car in there if it wasn't so small!  HAHA!  You just keep believing that!)

I just can't believe that *I* was the one that hit the door.  Tony backs the vehicles in.  I just knew it would be him one night!  Guess I can't always be "perfect", right?

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