Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Remembering Grandpa Edwards

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of my Grandpa's death.  Some days it seems like yesterday.  Other days, it doesn't hurt so badly.

I was a freshman at Appalachian State University. I think it was a Tuesday.  I called my parents every day.  Some days, I would call Mom a few times.  That day, I couldn't get anyone to answer.  :( 

About 5pm, right before I had concert band practice, I got a phone call.  It was my dad calling from the box downstairs.  I didn't think anything weird about it because Dad has always (almost my entire life) been a truck driver.  So when Dad said he was in the area and wanted to see me, I didn't think it was strange.  (His truck routes took him many places on a daily basis.)

When I got downstairs to let them in, I saw my dad and my pastor, Greg Sloop.  I knew something was fishy then.  When I opened the door, I saw Mom.  She was teary-eyed.  Then Dad and Pastor Greg told me about Grandpa.  He had had a massive heart attack that morning.  (He never even made it to the hospital!) 

I had to go pack my stuff and leave a list of classes for my roommate to call my professors. 

I just can't believe that it's been 16 years!

The thing I love most about Grandpa Edwards was how much he loved life.  He was a farmer.  He lived in the city, but he had a huge garden.  His veggies would grow to enormous sizes!  Cucumbers the length of an arm....corn the same...corn stalks over 6 feet tall!  It was amazing!  He loved to have fun.  He loved to sing.  He loved his family.  He loved Grandma, only 2nd to Jesus!  Most of all, he loved God!  He and Grandma were married over 60 years!  They have left a beautiful legacy! 

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