Thursday, March 7, 2013

Writing My Book--The Old Fashioned Way

So I did it.  I read a book that really got me to thinking.  Then about an hour later, I started writing my own book.  Obviously, it's no where near ready to be read by others.  However, I think I have something far!

Anyways, although I love my computer and typing, I am doing it the old fashioned way.  I have been writing it by hand.  :) 

Every day in class, I have my kids write for 5 minutes to clear their heads of all the high school drama so that we can focus on class.  Many times I write with them.  I have one of those composition books (the sewn together kind) and I write in it.  I try to carry it with me so if I have a minute before/after doing something else, but sometimes I forget! 

So, I have been writing it in.  Some days I barely write a page. Some days, I write 5.  So far, I am loving writing like this.  This will be the FIRST draft.  Then when I get around to typing it, that will be the SECOND draft and first edit! 

I guess eventually, I am going to have to think about copyrights, publishing, a pic for the cover, etc.  For now, I'm focusing on writing so that I can do what I have always wanted to do.....WRITE A BOOK! 

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