Thursday, April 25, 2013

Frustrated Beyond Belief

This is what I was going to say on Tuesday morning, but I somehow erased it before I could say it. Smile  So today, I wrote it in WORD and copied and pasted so I wouldn’t “erase” it again! Smile


In this space, I am purposefully vague about many details. I don’t tell you where I work. You know I’m a teacher. I don’t tell you the name of my daughter’s school. You know she’s in 4th grade. I don’t reveal her teacher’s name. (Probably to keep the “innocent” protected.)


However, today, I am going to tell you something that really ticked me off!


Every quarter at my daughter’s school, they do awards. They have a time set aside when family can come to see the kids get their awards. Unfortunately, at her current school, we don’t have much communication. For example, skate night papers come home ON the afternoon of Skate Night. The paper to order pictures came home 2 days prior. (What if I didn’t have the money? Then what?) If a student is struggling (as The Princess was in math), the teacher doesn’t call home to tell me. I had to contact her about it after progress reports. Do you see where I’m going with this?


Well, Monday was 3rd quarter awards! The Princess was receiving 3 awards…A/B Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and Star Student! On Saturday, she asked if we could come. We had not seen a paper or anything about it, so we were hoping she had the wrong Monday and we could get there. So Monday morning, I emailed the teacher (and Assistant Principal—that’s a different story) to ask about awards.


No response.


At 9am, I called the school. The AP answered and said that the 4th/5th grade awards were just ending and that they were beginning another grade. I couldn’t say “Thank you”, “good bye”, or anything. I just hung up because I was already in tears about it. Sad smile  How could this be?


The teacher finally emailed back at 9:15am to say that the awards were at 8:30 that morning and that a paper was sent home on Thursday to tell us about them. Then in another email, she forwarded me a copy of the paper that was sent home.

I have searched and searched through that paper!


There is NOTHING in there about Awards Day being on Monday of this week!




Abso-freaking-lutely NOTHING!


But, instead of being a butt about it, I thanked her and went on with my day.


On Tuesday, I sent an email asking for the date and time for the 4th quarter awards….so that we could plan to have people off work to be there.


I am doing everything I can to get her out of this school for next year! I don’t know if I can take it!


NOTE: On Tuesday, The Princess brought home a note saying that a person had been arrested on campus because he was vandalizing the school. When they started to arrest him, the cops realized that he had a weapon. What was my first question? “Did they put you guys on lockdown?” Response given: “Nope, we didn’t know about it until they gave us the letters. They said we weren’t in danger.” I haven’t even tackled that one! This is UN-stinking-believable! So STUPID!


On a brighter note….. we only have 31 days left! In my world, 6 of those are for exams! Smile


It’s almost over! Smile

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Hen Jen said...

oh wow, that sounds so frustrating! It's so hard to deal with unhelpful people when you are trying really hard to keep on a good footing and not offend...and they still won't work with you. I'm so sorry! I hope next year is better.