Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pulling the Weekend Together

Yesterday, I had a million RANDOM things to do.

Surprisingly enough, we got them all done. 

We (the Princess) played softball.  They lost by 4, but it’s better than losing by 10 like the last time they played this team! GO TARHEELS!

Donnie had to work (umpiring games) so he got there late, but Tony did a great job with the girls until he got there!


We got the van checked out.  Turns out that the Check Engine light was on because I put too much gas in the van.  Hmmmm…. on newer cars, there is a sensor in the gas tank.  If you get it wet (with gas) it will turn on the Check Engine light.  If you do it repeatedly, it will ruin the sensor. 

How do you NOT get gas on it?  Well, when the gas pump clicks to say that the tank is full, just stop pumping!  (Who knew?!?!?) 


After that, we went to watch my oldest nephew play baseball.  Then we went to supper at Mayflower (a seafood place) with my parents. 


Today, I have laundry, church, and grocery shopping…. not necessarily in that order!

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