Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scattered Brain

Today is one of those days where I just can’t seem to think straight.  The bad news is that it is only 5:20am!  Wait….maybe that’s the good news!  Maybe my brain will wake up ASAP!


I think I dreamed up a new seating chart for my classroom last night!  Even the kids in it! Smile


I haven’t written more than about 5 sentences in my book in over a week!  I just can’t seem to get the time or the thoughts.


Yesterday, I had to work the gate for the baseball/softball/soccer games at work.  1 table—1 price—3  games!


I got there a little early and went to watch a little of the JV baseball game!  When I was leaving, I saw Mr. C!  WOW!  Mr. C is the reason I’m an English teacher! When I was in 11th grade, Mr. C told me I could do anything I wanted to.  He re-instilled my love for reading.  He helped me to overcome all the bad that I had faced in previous English classes!  HE is awesome!  Last night, at the baseball game, I got the chance to sit down with him (albeit only for 5 minutes) to tell him that HE is the reason I’m a teacher today!  (There is another teacher I have to credit too, but I will tell about him when I get the chance to actually tell him—face-to-face!!)


I think I don’t have anything to do this afternoon except get ready for Girl Scouts tomorrow.  I think I can do that! Smile 


I think I could use a nap already! 


I hate when my brain is scattered through 1 million and 1 thoughts!

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