Saturday, April 6, 2013

Softball Opening Day! GO TARHEELS!

Softball started today!  (If you couldn’t figure it out, the Princess is playing for the TARHEELS!)  We are UNC fans anyways; so this just made it BETTER!!!


We had to pick up uniforms before the game.  Her pants didn’t fit.  Had to get the right ones.  Other kids’ didn’t have pants that fit. Sad smile  CHAOS!!


Then we had TWO games.  Double-header!  We will have that every 3 weeks.  There are only 3 teams in the age division.  Tarheels.  Smile  Pirates (ECU).  Nationals (Washington).


We won the first game, but some of the girls (5 of the 9 there today) have never played before!  They were TIRED!  We lost the second game. 


Some of the umps calls were HORRIBLE!  For example, he called a pitch a ball, but the batter swung at it.  (Anyone explain that to me!?)  No…. he couldn’t explain it either! 


For now, I’m sporting my farmer’s tan sunburn and raccoon eyes!  I had a canopy to put up, but if I had put it up, the other parents wouldn’t have been able to see.  (I was trying to be nice!)  Next week, I will sit somewhere else so that I can use my canopy without interfering with others’ viewing pleasure!


The only time you can tell I’m part Cherokee is when I get a little too much sun.  It won’t happen next week.  I’ll have my canopy and my new UNC hat that I just got from the Academy Sports! Smile  I am sure the part in my hair is burnt too!  (That’ll be fun for church tomorrow!) 


Luckily, the Princess wore a long-sleeved shirt under her jersey all day.  She didn’t get much sun.  Plus, we had 110 SPF on her face and neck!  She’s a little pink, but nothing serious.  I’ll aloe her (like I did me) and she’ll be fine tomorrow! 


Good thing my hands don’t burn or I’d be in serious pain right now!  Smile 


I’m just glad that softball has finally started!  I love this! 


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