Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break—Day 4

I’m not sure it’s Spring outside today.  Smile  Right now, I can hear the sleet hitting my windows. 


Earlier this week, it was 70 degrees.  Next week, it’s supposed to be 80 degrees.  I guess the sleet and cold temps just came to say good-bye. 


Sad smile 


I love the cold weather!  This year, I guess since I’m getting older, the cold has been harder on my body.  I have had a harder time getting warm than normal.  But, I still prefer cold weather to hot. My philosophy: You can add more layers than you can take off.  After a while, someone will call the cops if you take off too much!


Today I have two sleeping 9 year-olds in the next room.  When they get up, they are going to play and play and probably play some more! 


Tonight, we have uniform pick up for softball.


Tomorrow we have practice.


Saturday we have our first two games!  (We have the double header this weekend!)  I think this will be great!  Win or lose, we have a great team so far!  (Hoping to win! Go TARHEELS!)


For today, I’m going to relax and listen to two girls playing in the other room!

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