Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mixed Emotions

Last night, the Celebration Ceremony for Girl Scouts was great!  I’m finished for the year, except for one event where I just have to show up, eat, and watch awards!  lol


I do have to do my TROOP awards, but those are in about 4 weeks. I have a couple days to rest first! 


Today, I’m having mixed emotions.  My pastor’s dad is being buried today.  I’m sad for that.  He’s in a better place….that’s good.

My emotions are crazy because I’m here at home.  My parents and my sister (and her hubs) went to the funeral—6 hours away. 

Mother’s Day is tomorrow.  My dad’s birthday is tomorrow!  I won’t get to see either of them tomorrow because they are staying in Elizabeth City again tonight. Sad smile 


Kinda stinks.


Anyways….. softball today….at noon!  GO TARHEELS!  If we win today and both games next week, we will be in 1st place!!!

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